September 28, 2016 | The Park, New Delhi

Inkspell Solutions is proud to announce the inaugural edition of the Drivers of Digital Awards 2016 – India Chapter. This mega event has been conceptualized with the idea of furtherance of the ongoing digital momentum in India. The objective of Drivers of Digital Awards is to acknowledge and recognize the exceptional contributions to the digital growth by individuals, groups, as well as enterprises across different segments and sectors of the industry. The DOD Awards also aligns itself with the Government’s visionary programmes like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Start-up India’. There shall be participation of the leading companies from the following industries: Digital, eCommerce & mCommerce, Media, FMCG, BFSI, Auto, Electronics, OEMs, Technology and Conglomerates.

Digital Marketing Awards

This category acknowledges exemplary marketing and/or advertising campaigns that were creative and effective, made significant business impact in terms of visibility and/or ROI, and were executed through digital media/platforms/channels/forums...

Mobile Awards

This category of awards recognizes projects, campaigns, educational and/or commercial platforms which created meaningful impact and achieved monumental success on the Mobile devices/gadgets through Apps and other mobile-based programs...More

Digital Financial Awards

This category shall reward the excelling ventures which provide finance and payments related information, products, services, and/or facilities to the users through the digital media/platforms/channels/forums in a seamless, hassle-free manner...More

Website Awards

This section aims to award all the outstanding websites which furnished the users with information, entertainment, utility, commerce, news, reviews, classifieds and/or online marketplaces with primary focus on user experience, convenience and performance delivery ...More

Special Awards

The Special Awards are meant to honour the Enterprises (Start-ups as well as Brands),Individuals (Entrepreneurs as well as Veterans), Public-figures, and Agencies which stood out from the rest through their exceptional contribution to the Digital space in the FY2015 and created new paradigms for others to follow...More


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