Mobile Awards

This category of awards recognizes projects, campaigns, educational and/or commercial platforms which created meaningful impact and achieved monumental success on the Mobile devices/gadgets through Apps and other mobile-based programs.

All mobile apps developed for individual or multi-player games based on real-life events, movie promotions, mental ability, intelligence, spontaneity, action, sports, social, fantasy, skill, logic, etc.

Any unique, innovative, and futuristic mobile app designed to creatively and systematically serve the users in an unexplored space/sector, and/or address the problems/issues which no other mobile application had resolved before the time of its production and listing

All mobile apps offering travel and/or stay services, arrangement facilities, and information. It includes websites by Airlines, Road and Water Transport companies, Hotels and Resorts, Online Travel Agencies, Online Travel Marketplaces with/without comparison features, Destination, and Travel Service reviewers/bloggers offering purchase of tickets, hotel room bookings, vehicles for rent, car-pooling, vacation packages, travel writings, and/or travel tools

All mobile apps which furnish financial services and/or information including mobile banking, online stock trading, financial planning, financial portfolio management, investment policies and/or their comparison, utility bills management, expense management, financial news, mortgage information, credit cards and/or investor relations and services

All mobile apps exclusively focused to the service of providing visitors with online news information, real-time updates and notifications, discussions, debates, etc. in a seamless, exhaustive, and transparent way

Mobile sites and apps developed for professional service firms including consultants of any type, accountants, and other business service providers.

Best mobile initiatives, programmes, products, and services that have had a tangible effect in bridging the digital divide at an affordable cost.

All mobile apps which provide educational courses, study materials, online certification, online training through webinars/webcasts, and/or information regarding educational courses, institutions, colleges, etc. and their affiliations, ranking and reviews

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