Website Awards

This section aims to award all the outstanding websites which furnished the users with information, entertainment, utility, commerce, news, reviews, classifieds and/or online marketplaces with primary focus on user experience, convenience and performance delivery.

All websites/microsites/webpages/blogs/social media pages offering travel and/or stay services, arrangement facilities, and information. It includes websites by Airlines, Road and Water Transport companies, Hotels and Resorts, Online Travel Agencies, Online Travel Marketplaces with/without comparison features, Destination, and Travel Service reviewers/bloggers offering purchase of tickets, hotel room bookings, vehicles for rent, car-pooling, vacation packages, travel writings, and/or travel tools

All websites/microsites/webpages/blogs/social media pages which act as hosts to other businesses and/or individuals for posting and advertising their products/used products, services and offerings, and provide the visitors with a holistic list of businesses, products, and service providers for a particular category or a range of categories. It also includes websites which allow online booking of services such as movies, restaurants, sports and events, etc.

All websites/microsites/webpages/blogs/social media pages which furnish financial services and/or information including mobile banking, online stock trading, financial planning, financial portfolio management, investment policies and/or their comparison, utility bills management, expense management, financial news, mortgage information, credit cards and/or investor relations and services

All websites/microsites/webpages/blogs/social media pages exclusively focused to the service of providing visitors with online news information, updates, discussions, debates, etc. in a seamless, exhaustive, and transparent way

Sites that offer the best user experience through innovative design and useful functionality.

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